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Very Important Foreword

To make a long story short: Worlds Beyond is the best alliance in the whole universe... only newbies don't know that. This page explains what the other alliances are good for.

Alliances: All for one, one for .... erm.... what was that again?

To form an alliance is somewhat nice. You are not alone in the universe anymore. Others will fight at your side for the Good Purpose TM .
Everyone is different, and so is every alliance. You're probably best off with joining an alliance of people that you like. You can leave them at a later point in time, only some alliances don't like that too much.
Often more experienced alliance members will help newbies with:
  • general questions
  • resource shortages
  • problems with opponents (indirect defence through threat and attack)
  • very nice alliances will give their members a link to this site ;-)
There are more differences
  • some alliances communicate a lot. Your incoming mail folder will almost explode. Others are mostly silent.
  • some alliances actively recruit new members, others sit and wait. Some alliances don't even accept new members.
In terms of gameplay, alliances don't change too much:
  • Members of the same alliance cannot attack one another or spy on them
  • Planets of alliance members will be shown in green
  • Planets of other alliances are shown in turquise if a treaty exists.
  • Alliances can declare war
  • if an alliance member owns an asteroid, they can do alliance attacks .
  • There is no alliance defense
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