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Major update in the wiki system.

26.11.07 News: The Future of SI-Master... Part Two !

It has been a busy week, and a number of things have changed. BigPoint has made a commitment to both: Space Invasion and the international community. There will not be advertisements in any universe - not in the existing ones, and not in the upcoming ones.
There is exactly one universe coming up which will have advertisements, a significantly different gameplay and prizes. If any future special universes are planned, details will be discussed with the community, but the regular universes will stay free of advertisements. So.... I'm back in the game, and SI-Master is going to grow.

19.11.07 News: Uncertain Future of SI-Master!

BigPoint annouced the introduce banner advertisements in the english universe. Hazzit, the person behind this site is ... how shall I put it ... upset, as he thinks this is a broken promise on BigPoint's behalf. Although he doesn't play in the english universe, he has stated to leave the game in case the advertisements were not removed.
A decision on the future of SI-Master hasn't been made yet, but if hazzit were to leave the game, it is very unlikely for this site continue normal operation.
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