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The interception of fleets ist one of the most effective parts of the fleet battles
Basically there are two methods to intercept the fleet:
  • Intercepting through the Galaxy Scanner
  • Interception of a fleet on its way home from an attack `poor man`s scannerī
In either case, you calculate the time of the arrival of an opposing fleet on its home planet, and start your own fleet in such a way that it arrives only a few seconds later at that planet. During these few seconds it is hardly possible for the opponent to save his ships. What follows is the complete destruction of the opposing fleet on this planet, and as a result, you'll recycle a hopefully worthwhile field of rubble.

How does the interception work?

With the Galaxy Scanner this is really easy. Select a solar system on the galaxy map, and click on 'scan'. Then all flights (except Escape flights) from and to this system are indicated, including remaining flight time. The menu point īnaval ordersī calculates own flight time, so that it depends only on clicking at the right time on 'start'.
Without the Galaxy Scanner it becomes a little more complex, but not less effective. For this kind of the interception you wait for the flight of an opposing fleet on your own planet, or that of an alliance member. The defender knows the approximate flight duration, the start planet, the impact time, and the arrangement of the attack fleet, provided that he acquired Espionage technology Level 8 or a higher level. By means of a spy probe you gain information about the impulse technologies of the attacker. You then feed this data into the intercept-calculator .
Now you have the same information that otherwise only owners of a GalaxyScanners have, namely the return time of the attacker on his source planet. Intercept-calculator even helps in the calculation of the start time of your own fleet.
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