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Escape Flights

All About Escape Flights

An escape flight is nothing complicated: you take all your belongings, put them into a small transport and send it away for a while with the rest of your fleet.
As long as that transport is on its way, nobody can steal its contents or attack your fleet.
Not even if he has 3.5 billion points and is ranking #1
This is a nice invention, and in short is called saving . All that can be stolen from you is what you left on the planet and what was produced in the meantime.

When do I start an escape flight?

There are two reasons to “flee“.
  • You are being attacked.
  • You are going offline. I have heard of people actually going to work, having family and friends, or even sleeping. The others play Space Invasion ;-)

How to I do an escape flight?

First you decide how long your fleet should be underway, let it be for 5 minutes until your opponent hits your planet, or for 18 hours until you're back from work / school / whatever.


In any case you go and find yourself a planet as destination of your fleet. You enter its coordinates and select escape flight as fleet command . With the speed setting, you can influence the time it will take your fleet to get there. It will show the flight duration for the one-way flight. The total travel time will of course be twice that, until your fleet is back home. If the possible durations do not fit your personal schedule, just select a different planet and try again.
As long as your fleet is on the way to that planet, you can recall ist. You will have to wait until it back home, which will take as long as it was already underway. This function can also be used to do a 5 minute escape flight, because there is no other planet close enough for such a short flight. But 5 minutes is long enough to avoid a battle with an incoming fleet.

What do I do if I'm offline for more than two days?

You activate the "vacation mode". In two days you will most probably produce a lot of resources that will be a present to raiders, no matter how perfect your escape flight was.
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