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Physics of the Universe

Anything you ever wanted to know about this universe...

The Space Invasion universe is different. Very different in fact, because its physics closely resembles a pork pie. To be precise, the pie must have been run over by a large truck.

Geometry of Galaxies in the Universe

There are 14 galaxies, each having a distance of 5000 to its neighbors. Travelling from galaxy 3 to galaxy 7 will result in a distance of 20000. When you travel from one galaxy to another, the positions within those galaxies will not have an effect.

Geometry of Solar Systems in the Galaxy

Every galaxy has 400 solar systems, one next to another. The next solar system is 850 away, the one after that 900. Flying to the 3rd solar system next to yours results in a distance of 950. The total distance from solar system 1 to solar system 400 is 20750.

Geometry of Planets within the Solar System

Every solar system has one sun and 16 planets. The distances from one planet to the other within the same system depend on their relative position in that system. Please note, that the planets do not circle around the sun, but are somewhat pinned to their current position... it is a funny universe, you know. The diagonal of a solar system measures about 1000.

Temperatures of Planets

The coldest planets in the universe have a temperature of -120C, while the hottest have 110C.

The universe in numbers...

Galaxies 14
Solar Systems 5.600
Planets 89.600
Longest distance between two points 65.000
Longest distance within a galaxy 20.750
Longest distance within a solar system abt. 1.000
Longest distance from the sun / lowest temperature -120C
shortest distance from the sun / highest temperature 110C
longest distance of any two planets within a solar system 965
shortest distance of any two planets within a solar system 215
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