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Who on earth is this Hazzit guy, anyway?

It might make things easier to tell, who Hazzit is not :
  • Hazzit is no employee of BigPoint
  • Hazzit is not a GO
  • Hazzit is not a Bulletin Board Mod
  • Hazzit is not connected otherwise to Space Invasion
He's just a gamer, just like thousands of others. Just in case you're curious.... he plays the german Uni1 (and not very successfully, to be honest)

How did Hazzit get all the information

Err.. well... collecting, trying, some research and a number of questions... so basically everything you can possibly do as a gamer.

Why does Hazzis run this page?

There are some people, who are just a bit different from the other kids. And Hazzit happens to be one of them... It all started as an alliance homepage of ´Warner Bros´ (now: Worlds Beyond), and went all the way to what it is no: SI-Master. Today, Hazzit does more work on this website than actually play the game, but that's just programmers are like, huh?

What on this page was written by Hazzit?

It might be easier to say what wasn't: Logo34 helped collecting all the tabular data, Diapope found the building and production formulas, and a number of SI players sent in whatever data they had. The rest is Hazzits works.

Does this page have a purpose?

Far too many people want to know far too many things. If you are now asking yourself why anyone would ever spend precious time and actually write a stupid page like this, go somewhere else If not... all questions answered?
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