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Particle Shield

The Particle shield serves exclusively as a defence against the Particle cannon . It is not involved in any other attacks on your planet. Depending on the stage of development it can repulse stronger attacks. If the particle shield is strong enough for an attack, own defensive arrangements remain intact. If it is weaker, it is destroyed, and must be rebuilt. However, it still reduces the strength of the attack, and with it your other losses.


Particle analyser Level 2
Spice mine Level 6

Construction time

Level Pig iron Metal Kryptonite Spice Construction time Particle power
1 15.000 10.000 12.000 5.000 09:29:27 30.000 particles
2 30.000 20.000 24.000 10.000 18:58:54 60.000 particles
3 60.000 40.000 48.000 20.000 1D 13:57:47 90.000 particles
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