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Raids in space?

Thievery/Burglary is a nice method to improve your account balance. I hope, you don't see any analogy to shooting games and believe, the morality of the occident standing on the edge: even the pope would do raiding in this game.

How does it work?

Just click fleet commands , select a transporter and - if necessary - further ships, and approach a planet. Therefor you need to select the 'attack' order on the left side. After that, you just have to wait for the arrival at the targeted planet. After the arrival, you'll receive a battle-report . Your ships will return to your planet with half of the approached planet's warehouse stock if they were victorious.

Where's the catch?

There is more than just one catch to it:
  • Attacked users see the incoming fleet, if they are online
  • Attacked users can make an escape flight to save their resources
  • To be confident about winning the battle, you'll need a spy report
  • The attacked user may have built fleet or defence in the meantime
  • The attacked users fleet may have returned
You can check for most of these by sending two spy probes: one before sending the attack, and one just a tiny bit before your fleet arrives at that planet. This, of cause, is only possible, if you have at least Fleet base Level 2 . Since spy probes are so fast, it can overtake the attacking fleet. This strategy is called a 'Safescan'.
Beginners should start attacking with inactive planets having less than 40 points. Those planets will usually not have defence, so you can attack without having to develop spy probes first. To be able to attack active players you should develop espionage technology right after building your first transports.

How can I protect myself from attacks?

There are two ways of protection:
While an escape flight will always save you, fleet and defence will only help with other players having about as many points as you do. So you should get acquainted with escape flights even if you have a decent defence.
To build large defence is something for advanced players. Newbies might want to build a couple of mortars to scare trasport-only attackers off. But anyone capable of doing an escape flight does not really need them.
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