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James Bond, Galaxy-Edition?

... well, spying in Space Invasion is not just as exciting, but it pays of nicely.

You're license-to-spy setup ...

Fleet base
Weapons Factory
Rocket Engines Level 3
Espionage Technology Level 2
Basically erverything you need for a small transport (see also: first steps ) plus espionage technology level 2 - without a transport spying is not much fun anyway. If you meet above requirements, you can build a Spy probe .

... will let you peek behind the universe's iron curtains

Send your spy probe to a target planet using the espionage fleet command . Probes only need a minute to travel a distance that would take normal units an hour. As soon as the probe reaches the target planet, you'll have a spy report in your messages.
This is an example of what such a report looks like :

In the optimal case you'll now know:
  • section 1 - resources of the target planet
  • section 2 - buildings of the target planet
  • section 3 - defence
  • section 4 - present fleet
  • section 5 - research
Sometimes you will see less information. If your opponent's espionage technology is higher than yours, you will see less sections (e.g. only section 1 through 3). If your opponent's technology level is much higher, you might not see anything. The same factor determines the chance of your opponent spotting the probe and shooting it down.
You can forcefully get more information (more sections) by using more spy probes, but this will dramatically increase the chance of your spy probes being shot down and not returning.
The opponent's research levels for Defence Systems , Weapons Technology and Shield Technology are very useful to estimate your opponents fighting power.

What you don't see

Even if you get a complete spy report, it doesn't answer all questions:
  • is your opponent currently online=
  • what is he building or researching
  • are parts of the feet underway, and where to?
The absence of fleet may hint to an Escape Flight , but it may as well be raiding somebody else?
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