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First Steps

Planet Owner Looking for a Job

Good things first: As long as you are new, you are protected by the newbie protection, and cannot be attacked - well, almost. Other newbies can attack you, but that doesn't hurt too much.
Now for the bad news: This state will not last for long. As soon as you have 50 points, you will be attacked by players having a multiple of your points.
Solution: You build a small transport , that can be used for an escape flight . That will protect you indirectly from attacks.

How to get a Small Transport


This is our new friend.
But there's a number of things we need to do to get one of those.

First you need to build these buildings:
The order in which you build those does not matter much, but you should watch your energy production. The mines will reduce production if not enough energy is available. Whenever energy is low, you need to build one more fusion plant. For the reasons of speed, you should start building and upgrading pig iron mines, kryptonite mines and fusion plants first. A little later you can start building blast furnaces and spice mines.
As soon as your development centre reaches level 2, you can build a Research Lab Level 1 . From now on you can begin researching . Most units, buildings and research can only be build or researched, when others were done first. Every page lists the requirements of that research or building.
Now is the time to build a small transport in the weapons factory, and to find out about the technique of escape flights
And yes, it can be done: you can have a small trasport before reaching 50 points.
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