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Beam me up, Scotty!

Whatís up now? You spend all your sweat and blood in the research of 22 Century drives and then you find out you can simply teleport from A to B?
Well not exactly. The whole idea does have a catch. It isnít that simple and also not to any A or B.

What is Teleportation?

As long as you have reached the necessary levels in Building, Research and Energiy, it is possible to send fleets, with and without freight, from one of your colonies to another of your colonies. This takes place without the need for fuel and you will reach the destination in a fraction of the time needed to fly there.

What do I need to Teleport?

A teleporter is needed on both the sending planet as well as the target planet. To Teleport inside your own Galaxy or to one of your neighbouring Galaxies you need a Teleporter at Level 1. Every further Galaxy requires the level to be raised by 1 and the level of energy required for teleportation is also raised.
Teleportation Level 6
Research Lab Level 10 on one planet to research teleportation
Development Centre Level 12 on both planets
Micro-system accelerator Level 2 on both planets
Teleporter Level 1 on both planets
Fleet base Level 1 on the start planet
On top of this, energy is needed on both planets

How does Teleportation work?

Select the Buildings page on the start planet and scroll down until you find Teleporter. As long as it is loaded with the necessary energy it can be activated. The teleporter on the target planet must also be loaded with energy, but does not have to be activated. The game now requires you to activate teleporters on both ends.

Once activated the page changes automatically to the Fleet Commands page and the following appears at the top of the page:

(Wormhole open for another 00:01:27)

The wormhole stays open for 10 minutes. When you have selected your fleet to send to the target planet, and as long as that planetís Particle Accumulator is charged with sufficient energy, you will receive an additional Mission option ĎTeleportí. After the fleet has been sent the wormhole will close and the fleet appears on the target planet. Then finally the energy needed for the transport will be subtracted from the accumulators of both planets.
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